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Sound Therapy Training

Play. Learn. Grow. 

Sound Therapy Training

Join us for a transformative 9-months journey into the world of sound therapy facilitation. Through our five comprehensive modules, you will learn to work with a variety of instruments, including voice, singing bowls, gongs, crystal bowls, and tuning forks, wind instruments, drums, string instruments as well as develop improvisation, co-playing skills and scientific research . With a focus on healing and growth, this program is perfect for anyone looking to develop and deepen their understanding of sound therapy , sound healing and music therapy. The training is an in-person training and will be held at Solvik School, 153 91 Järna, Sweden

You can apply without previous musical or therapeutic experience .

Next Training OCT 27- July 01  2024/2025

27. OCT 2024 start  14:30
– 1. NOV 2024
6 Full Days

Marie Bergman

Mateusz Krawiec

Guest Teachers

Voice, Vagus Nerve, Singing Bowls, Physics of Sound.

In this module, participants will explore the therapeutic benefits of the human voice, as well as the connection between the voice and the vagus nerve. We will also dive into the world of singing bowls, learning how to use them to create a variety of healing tones and vibrations. We will touch on basics of physics of Sound.

23. NOV 2024 – 24. NOV 2024

Nessi Gomes 

Mateusz Krawiec

Vocal Odyssey with Nessi Gomes and Assisting in Sound Healing Festival

Deepen your relationship with your vulnerability and power of Voice. Step into making "your stage" in action.

Assisting as way of Studying in Stockholm Sound Healing Festival.

14. DEC 2024
11.JAN 2025
25.JAN 2025
8.FEB 2025

All teachers

Online Lectures & Games 

Explore in these online meetings various lectures, questions & answers and interactions with the group & teachers.

Physics of Sound.

Counselling skills.

New Technologies in Sound Therapy.

23 FEB 2025 – 28 FEB 2025
6 Full Days

Mateusz Krawiec 

Filip Fiser 

Ulf Wätte

Leona Frantzich

Guest Teachers

Gongs and Crystal Sound. ASMR , Lullabies, Spoken Voice.

In this module, we will explore the therapeutic, artistic, and spiritual dimensions of gongs and crystal sound. We will also take look into the scientific research on sound therapy, examining the latest findings on the power of sound and vibration. Also participants will learn how to work with crystal bowls and string instruments, as well as explore the fascinating world of ASMR (audio sensory meridian response). We will tap into rich cultural heritage of Lullabies sensing their effects on our emotions. We rediscover spoken voice in as a musical instrument. Through hands-on practice and guided exercises, you will develop the skills necessary to create powerful and transformative sound therapy sessions.

15. MAR 2025,
12  APR 2025 -

All Teachers

Online Lectures & Games 

Explore in these online meetings various lectures, questions & answers and interactions with the group & teachers.

Physics of Sound

Music as Medicine

Crystal Soud.

29. MAY – 01. JUNE 2025
3 Full Days

Tina Quartey

Filip Fiser

Ulf Wätte

Guest Teachers

Rhythm part 1. Wind and string instruments,  Improvisation.

In this module, we will be introduced to drumming and power of rhythm with wind instruments. We will feel into our breath as carrier for sound also starting our journey with string instruments. We will deepen our counselling skills.

24. JUNE – 01. JULY 2025
7 Full Days

All Teachers

Rhythm Part 2, Overtones and Shamanic traditions and Tuning Forks

Improvisation and co-playing.

In this module, we will build on the skills and knowledge gained in Module 4, exploring advanced techniques for working with rhythm in sound therapy. We will also delve into the world of overtones, learning how to use them to create powerful and transformative healing experiences. Finally, we will explore the therapeutic benefits of tuning forks, learning how to use them to balance and align the body and mind.

1. JULY 2025

Marie Bergman and all teachers

Graduation Day 
On this day, we will gather all together once more for your graduation. You have come a long way. This will be a very special day for all of us to celebrate and honor on your own unique path. 

Sound Therapy Training

Sound Therapy Training


Our Approach





We learn how to understand the nervous system and explore how to measure the effect of sound on our body and mind.

We share sound and music as a tool for self expression and a channel for our feelings and emotions. Sound is a language of nature beyond the boundaries of our cognitive mind.

We honour the ancient traditions of Sound Healing including the wisdom of these practices. Sound & music will be crafted to create sacred ceremonial spaces, where we can transform our lives.

Training Location

This training is an onside training at Solvik School in Järna, Sweden. It is only approx. 45min by car from Stockholm city.This uniquely shaped place offers us a remote location with a lot of silence around and great acoustic within the unique buildings. It’s an optimal location to explore sound & stillness or have a dip in the ocean or walk in the forest in one of the breaks during the training. The nature around it will nourish you and nurture you on your journey to sound therapy.


Throughout the training there is the option to book sleep nearby Ytterjärna Kulturhuset and other locations.

Dorms for with own sleeping bag in school 200sek per night,
You can also book additional food catering 390 SEK/day.


After the training

You might wonder what you can do, after having done the Sound Therapy Training? Our facilitators, colleagues and students use their unique talents in various different settings and formats: from 1:1 sessions to group sessions up to festival settings. Sound Therapy becomes also a way to relax in working place our clients among many 

Klarna, Google, Svenska Kyrkan and many more. From supporting children at the kindergarten up to company events . This training supports you and everyone around you. We are looking forward to see where your personal journey will take you and support your growth with mentoring programs so you can grow as a professional.

For students interested in scientific research we offer possibilities to take part or conduct further studies with support of more experience colleagues.  

The Training SuMMARY

This 9-months sound therapy facilitator training program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the power of sound and vibration in healing. With modules focused on voice, singing bowls, gongs, shamanic traditions, crystal bowls, and more, participants will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to facilitate effective sound therapy sessions.


  • Immerse in 25 in-person training days including this year's special "Vocal Odyssey with Nessi Gomes and Assisting in Sound Healing Festival"

  • 6 x 3 hours online trainings

  • Celebrate & graduate with the amazing teachers on July 1st 2025

  • One-of-a-kind experience with teachers that have been experts in their fields for a long time. Join this unique movement of coming together as this collective set-up.

  • 1:1 Mentoring throughout the training

  • Your own personal support on this potentially life transforming journey

Full price for the training:

49 000 SEK inkl. VAT (25%)

or 55 000 SEK inkl. VAT(25%) monthly throughout 11 months


Economy option: Dormitory with own sleeping bag 200 sek per night

Not included.  - per E-Mail request.
Food 390 SEK/day (Breakfast, lunch & dinner in ecologic bio dynamic local food)

Please contact us via E-Mail or Phone for further questions about the modules, facilitators, the training itself or accommodation & food. We are happy to help you on your own personal journey of sound therapy. 

Sign Up:

To register please click the "Register now" button below or write us an E-Mail directly/Contact via Phone directly as mentioned below. We will come back with all payment & accommodation options for you. 


Contact Mateusz Krawiec directly:

Phone: +46 73 374 63 82

Sound Therapy Training 2024-2025
Sound Therapy Training 2024-2025
Sound Therapy Training from OCT 27, 2024- JULY 01, 2025. Yes we are doing it again with amazing sound therapy teachers and we will co-create a special festival together in Stockholm with Nessi Gomes.
27 okt. 2024 14:30 – 01 juli 2025 18:00
YTTERENEBY 21, 153 91 Järna, Sweden