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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Passionate

Explore with us the therapeutic, artistic and universal dimensions of sound. We have decades of experience that we love to share generously with you. We are curious students like you.

Continuously learning from each other even after decades of playing and experimenting. 


In this training, we will provide you with the skills and knowledge to become

a "Certified Sound Therapy Facilitator". 


This training isn't just about how to share sound therapy with others professionally. It's also a journey within. In all of us, we carry the"wounded musician". We will support the healing of your relationship to your own musicality. Additionally, we will offer you a step into scientific research on "sound as a therapeutic tool". We are honored to be part of your path, sharing our wisdom, sharing our curiosity and our open hearts with you. 

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Nessi Gomes

Born on the tiny Island of Guernsey to a Portuguese family, Singer-Songwriter Nessi Gomes channels influences from both sides of her ethnicity, blending the essence of the traditional, emotional and ‘larger than life’ Fado folk music with British progressive modern inspiration.

Her acclaimed debut album Diamonds & Demons was released in October 2016 and received lots of media attention and radio support in Europe and the UK. Since she played in 30 countries including major festivals and stages. Parallel she created the ever-growing Vocal Odyssey workshops and retreats that encourage participants to meet with the spirit of their voice. Thousands have already experienced the process under her guidance.

Nessi will share her Voice Odyssey workshop with us in this year's training. The students will have the opportunity to assist her at the festival.



Marie Bergman is a Swedish musician, music therapist, and sound therapy facilitator with a rich and varied career spanning several decades. She first gained fame in the 1970s and 80s as a popular singer-songwriter, known for her emotive and heartfelt music that resonated with a whole generation of Scandinavian music lovers. However, in the 80s, she found a new calling in life and began studying music therapy.

Marie's singing bowl massages have also been a source of relief and comfort for many, both in private settings and in her courses and workshops. She has developed her own unique approach, combining her musical talents with her expertise in anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience, to create a holistic and effective therapeutic practice.

Through her lectures and courses, Marie shares her deep understanding of the vagus nerve, a crucial component of the autonomic nervous system that plays a vital role in regulating our physiological responses to stress and trauma. She emphasizes the importance of embodied knowledge and the power of sound and vibration to restore balance and promote well-being.


Tina Quartey

Tina Quartey is a percussion pioneer within the Swedish folk and world music scene. She started her percussion journey in Salvador, Bahia Brazil at the age of twenty, where she learned the berimbau and other instruments. The journey continued with studying conga drumming and Afro Cuban ritual traditions such as shekeré and batá. Her playing and artistic expression has emerged through intertwining various drum traditions with Scandinavian folk music. In recent years she has also been exploring music as vibration and frequency, doing sound art, meditative concerts and sound baths. In 2020 she received the Swedish Folk & World Music Award »Tradition bearer of the year«.


Mateusz Krawiec

Sound Therapy facilitator, Artist, Yoga Teacher, and the founder of Sound Therapy Training. Originally from South-West Poland, living in Sweden. He is a former Lawyer, who found his connection and passion to the body, mind, and awareness. "Since 2009 Sound Healing started becoming a big part of my life and with years it became my profession. Today sound is a form of my embodied spiritual practice, therapeutic tool and a form of artistic expression."


Mostly recognized for playing idiophonic instruments like Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Didgeridoo, and overtone singing. Focused in his work on physio acoustic, artistic and ceremonial aspects of Sound as Therapeutic modality.

He will share with you the magic of Gongs and Crystal Bowls in its multidimensionality.


Miguel Leon Bonett

He is a Sound Healer, Vocal embodiment coach, Multi-instrumentalist, Artist, Lyricist, Poet & Medicine man. Music & sound has been instrumental in the growth and expansion of Miguel Leon. He has explored the vast Universe of Healing the Body and harmonizing emotional and energetic states with sound, the voice, intention, and movement. His curiosity has taken him on a journey around the world learning from different musicians and sacred circles & ceremonies. The Cultivation of his self-practice with deep toning, harmonics, throat singing & chanting has opened him to deeper parts of his resonant being. He offers one-on-one and group vocal alchemy experiences and sound healing sessions in group and individually. He also offers Coaching & Self-Cultivation Guidance.



Filip is a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist, charismatic performer, intuitive sound scaping magician, craftsman and a professional and uniquely artistic drum builder. With great intuition and humility, he invites listeners into the experience of disappearing in sound and silence and into the space in which they can listen deeply to the wisdom of the heart and remember our purpose on this beautiful earth. His attentiveness and presence makes him a most valuable guide to those who wish to learn more about using small sounds and percussive tools for music and healing purposes. He knows very well natural material drums as well as rattles and ambient enhancers and instruments such as chimes, rain sticks, singing bowls and flutes. Filip shares his knowledge, instruments, and an invitation for you to craft.



Ulf Play pedagogue mainly with ideas of intuitiv pedagogy. Ulf is passionate about sound and improvisation both as theacher and on stage. Last 5 years he also is more in to making music instruments flutes and various materials of chimes. He will share games with us throughout the training to help us find the best of our learning capacity. He has worked with music and games as a teacher for 3 decades. More frequently used has been metal idiofon instruments made by Manfred Bleffert and from Choroi string instruments and fluts. To play sharpens our minds and fosters our attentions, and we practice bodycontrol ,presence and having fun.. Playfulness and responsivness  are two qualities Ulf will help us to develop for which improvisation and communication.


Sami Hakala

Sami is a multi-disciplinary therapist, personal trainer, and performance coach who specializes in Body, Mind, and Spirit healing. His expertise includes Breathwork, Connective Tissue Therapy, Mobility, Movement and Sound Healing. With over 10 years of experience studying shamanic practices and energy medicine around the world he works with the more subtle layers of the energetic bodies and the mind. In his work he uses modalities such as Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathwork, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Shamanic ceremonial work amongst other healing modalities. Sami is also the Headteacher at the Breathwork community at Hale Centre, in Stockholm.


With a lifetime of studies accumulated over many years, Sami offers powerful tools to help people reconnect with their bodies, minds, and spirits in a healthy way. His passion is to help individuals tap into their true potential and achieve balance, vitality, and radiant health.


Leona Frantzich

Musician, teacher and Music Producer. From learning violin and piano as a child and throughout years of music conservatories she became a pioneer with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Her passion for ASMR led her to write a bachelor thesis in music production about sound healing and ASMR. Her live performances in ASMR and workshops help people change their perception of listening into expanded hearing with the whole nervous system. As a musician Leona is involved in;  music collective Sat Sisters consisting of women performing Scandinavian medicine songs and mantras,

band Atma creating traditional folk songs inspired by nature and  sound healing collective Art of Union.  Leonas solo album was released in 2019. Her broad interests also include work with children pedagogic and tv-production for children. As part of Sound Therapy Training she will offer ASMR, Scandinavian Medicine Songs, Lullabies and Music with the intention to support each person to relax deeper and connect.


Simon Morris

Simon Morris is a sound designer and inventor from New York. Morris received his master’s degree in computer art media with studies in music and sound healing. His inclusive approach to teaching is learning by doing and appreciated a lot by many students. His work explores sound and science, and their relationship to the ineffable mysteries of the human experience. He his conducted live performances at Eyebeam, NYC, the Biennale in Norway and the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Finland.

Morris and his inventions have been featured in Time Magazine, Le Monde, BBC and Vice Magazine.


LeAnn Ericsson

LeAnn is a passionate explorer of life, and has delved into many aspects of what it means to be human through decades of loving and singing all over our beautiful planet. Her love of music and exploration of consciousness led her to crystal singing bowls in 2006, and she has since combined them with voice and other instruments to create several albums of transformational music. In 2014, she was led to Jonathan Goldman’s Sound Healing Intensive, where she first experienced extended Toning. LeAnn has made Ängsbacka her home since 2021, and is now involved with projects involving regeneration/sustainability in addition to her work with sound.


Michael Kropp

You want to learn more about the scientific part of sound? Michael has a Doctoral Degree in Physics (PhD University Munich, Germany). His pure dedication to uncover the truth through science is the quality his students admire in his teachings. He guides the students to a better understanding of the physics of sound. He also supports the students in learning the scientific language and research methods.


Michael's Career reasearch :

2014-2016 Postdoc at Cyprus University (Cyprus)

2016-2019 Postdoc at Institute of Physics ASCR (Czech Republic)

2019-2021 Resarch Fellow at Nordita (Sweden) 

2021-2023 Postdoc at Stockholm University (Sweden) 

His Teaching Carrier

2007 - 2009 Tutoring in the physics lab at Ludwig Maximilians University

2009 - 2014 Tutoring/lecture assistant at various lectures at Ludwig Maximilians University

2015 - 2023 Co-supervision of bachelor, master and PhD students


GuEst Teachers

We invite some guest teachers to our program. They will contribute with:





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